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Looking for personalized products for your upcoming Lodge event, business, military unit, or family gathering? Just share your concept with us, and we'll handle the rest. Our extensive range includes, but isn't limited to, t-shirts, patches, caps, hoodies, tank tops, and more!

We aim to simplify the custom order process for you. With our capable team, we're here to meet your expectations. Plus, our mold and art fees are currently exceptionally affordable, and you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with our design department to bring your vision to life. Trust us, the possibilities are endless.

We kindly request a minimum quantity of 12 pieces for apparel and 24 pieces for custom headwear.

Ready to get started? Begin your order today, and we'll provide you with the tailor-made gear you desire.



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We take great pride in both our product and the valued partnerships we have formed. Here are a few of the lodges we've had the privilege to collaborate with



Elevate your lodge's presence with made-to-order products that proudly showcase your unique lodge logo. At Mason Gear, we specialize in crafting personalized merchandise designed to highlight your lodge's identity. Whether it's for special events, fundraisers, or everyday use, our extensive range includes an array of items such as apparel, accessories, and more.

Our team is dedicated to making your custom order process as seamless as possible. We offer competitive pricing, and you'll have the opportunity to collaborate with our design department to bring your lodge logo to life on your chosen products. Your lodge's emblem is a symbol of tradition and values, and we're here to help you display it with pride.

Discover the possibilities of custom-made products and start showcasing your lodge's logo today.

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