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Bubble gum PINK trucker cap by Mason Gear for the brothers or most especially their other half.

Real men wear PINK!

2D Rubberized Square and Compass logo fused on Trucker cap curved rim.

Mason Gear Freemason rubberized  square and compass baseball and trucker Freemason cap specs:

One size fits most
Structured, mid-profile, six-panel. Pre-curved contrast stitch visor. Adjustable plastic snapback.

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Jason MacFarlane
Pink Square and Compass Hat

What makes a Brother the best he can be at his Craft?
Is it his ability with great memory and floor work?
Is it that he always shows up to every meeting?
Is that his hand is always available?
Maybe it's the events he puts on for the Lodge?
Truly it is all the above, But if this Brother is a married man such as my self with a very supporting wife, then it is she that allows the Brother to be the best at his Craft.
Everything else I've listed is but a bonus to him self and his Lodge. If you haven't guessed it...
I bought this hat for my Loving supporting wife of the Craft who doesn't wear it often but when she does she wears it proud as her man is a man of the Craft.
Thank you Manson Gear Shop for producing amazing Masonic clothing line, and for being so one on one with your customers.

Bro MacFarlane
Empire Lodge no 63
Edmonton, Alberta